Welcome to Hòfi Mango, a natural park that belongs to all of us. We are delighted to welcome you to this beautiful natural area of exceptional historical value. To preserve our park, nature and your safety, we cannot avoid naming some important conditions and rules.

Explicit exemption from liability

The act of entering Hòfi Mango is entirely at your own risk. This means that the House of Asporaat and any appointed administrator of this natural area cannot be held or made liable by for any damage suffered by you, for instance due to an injury, an accident, loss of property or for any reason whatsoever. By entering Hòfi Mango and purchasing an entrance ticket to the natural park, you are considered to have explicitly accepted this exemption from liability.


Like any natural area, Hòfi Mango has some inherent dangers. While we make every effort to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible, we do not control nature. Therefore, here are some important ground rules.

  • You can find manzaliña trees almost everywhere in Hòfi Mango. You can recognize the manzaliña tree mainly by its small green apples. The fruit of this tree is particularly poisonous; however, some people get blisters just by touching it. Taking a picture while sitting on the branches of this tree in the Elephant Graveyard is therefore allowed at your own risk. Do not walk under manzaliña trees when it rains.
  • Also, where a path has been constructed, such as the wooden path in the Mango Forest, we request you to walk only on that path. This is for your safety, but also to prevent damage to the surrounding trees.
  • Mangoes regularly fall from the trees in the Mango Forest. Fun to catch, but less so when they fall on you. Therefore, be alert for falling mangoes.
  • Hòfi Mango has many natural trails. However, these trails are uneven, not always easy to see, and muddy and slippery when it has rained. Take care and enjoy the untouched nature.
  • In nature there are several natural elements that can sometimes be dangerous if one is not careful. For example, bees (hives), holes, mounds and broken or falling branches. Therefore, you should pay close attention.
  • Be careful when climbing stairs and hills. When in doubt about your climbing skills, please ask for help.
  • Pay attention to your children and do not lose sight of them.
  • Be sure to use the trash cans and do not throw anything on the ground.
  • Drone usage is not allowed unless communicated and approved in advanced by Park management.

  • No pets allowed.

  • No bicycles allowed.

  • Smoking is allowed in the designated area’s. There are trash bins for your sigaret buds.

  • It is not allowed to bring your own food or drink.

  • Visitors should be dressed appropriately at all times.