We hope that everyone enjoys Hòfi Mango. We are delighted to welcome you to this beautiful natural area of exceptional historical value. To preserve our park, nature and your safety, we cannot avoid naming some important conditions and rules.
The employees are entitled to remove persons who oppose or do not comply with these park rules from the park, without the person who has been removed being entitled to compensation.

The same rules apply in our parking lot as on public roads. To prevent disruptions in traffic, the instructions of our parking attendants must be followed. If you do not or poorly follow the traffic rules and/or instructions, we are entitled to remove your car from the parking lot at your risk and expense.
Please make sure that your car is properly locked and that you do not leave any valuables in your car. We are not liable for theft from or damage to your car.


Entering the park is at your own risk and only with a valid admission ticket. You must keep the admission ticket during your stay in our park and show it at the request of an employee. Children under the age of twelve are only allowed in when accompanied by an adult. At least one chaperone per four children.
The admission ticket is valid on the day of issue or for the period for which it was issued. When you leave the park, the right of access expires.


Persons who do not comply with our park rules, who are under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, who disturb the order, who harass other visitors and/or who deliberately cause damage in the park, may be refused entry or removed. In all cases, it is up to our staff to assess what this includes.Liability of visitors
We point out to all parents, supervisors of children and supervisors of groups that they are responsible for the behavior of those who visit the park under their supervision.
Parents are liable for the behavior and damage caused by their children. If you organize a meeting or event with us or arrange a visit for a group, you are responsible and liable for the behavior and damage caused by these visitors (in addition to their own liability).
Parents, supervisors and organizers indemnify us against claims from third parties in connection with damage suffered by them.

Safety rules

Like any natural area, Hòfi Mango has some inherent dangers. While we make every effort to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible, we do not control nature. Therefore, here are some important ground rules.

– The instructions of the employees regarding safety must be followed.

– You can find manzaliña trees almost everywhere in Hòfi Mango. You can recognize the manzaliña tree mainly by its small green apples. The fruit of this tree is particularly poisonous; however, some people get blisters just by touching it. Taking a picture while sitting on the branches of this tree in the Elephant Graveyard is therefore allowed at your own risk. Do not walk under manzaliña trees when it rains.

– Visitors must only use the paths and roads for their walk through the park. This is for your safety, but also to prevent damage to the surrounding nature.

– Mangoes regularly fall from the trees in the Mango Forest. Fun to catch, but less so when they fall on you. Therefore, be alert for falling mangoes.

– Hòfi Mango has many natural trails. However, these trails are uneven, not always easy to see, and muddy and slippery when it has rained. Take care and enjoy the untouched nature- In nature there are several natural elements that can sometimes be dangerous if one is not careful. For example, bees (hives), holes, mounds and broken or falling branches. Therefore, you should pay close attention.- Be careful when climbing stairs and hills. When in doubt about your climbing skills, please ask for help.- Pay attention to your children and do not lose sight of the- Be sure to use the trash cans and do not throw anything on the ground.

– Dogs and other pets are not allowed in our park, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

– Possessing and carrying weapons or objects that could pose a danger is prohibited during a visit to the park. The employees are authorized to confiscate these weapons and objects.

– The use of roller skates, bicycles or scooters and the like is not allowed in the park.

– You must wear appropriate clothing.

– Deliberately making noise and the audible use of radios, CD players and other audio equipment is not permitted. If there is deliberate noise, our employees are authorized to confiscate the sound equipment.

– Garbage must be deposited in the garbage cans present in the park.

– It is not allowed to use drones or other flying objects.

– Hòfi Mango is a walking park; sports such as running, ball sports, etc. are not allowed.

Explicit exemption from liability

The act of entering Hòfi Mango is entirely at your own risk. This means that the House of Asporaat and any appointed administrator of this natural area cannot be held or made liable by for any damage suffered by you, for instance due to an injury, an accident, loss of property or for any reason whatsoever. By entering Hòfi Mango and purchasing an entrance ticket to the natural park, you are considered to have explicitly accepted this exemption from liability.
If you have suffered damage during your visit to our park, we request that you report this before you leave. You cannot claim compensation in the event of a later report. We only accept liability for material or personal damage such as injury in those cases where this damage is the result of a shortcoming that can be attributed to us and is the result of our intent or gross negligence. Liability claims will be assessed by our liability insurer. Our liability is limited to compensation for direct damage and to a maximum of the damage against which we are insured.

Our park is maintained as carefully as possible and we assume that our visitors behave properly. However, it can happen that you encounter less pleasant things. If this is the case, we ask you to inform us.
You may have caused damage unintentionally. In that case too, we request that you report this to us before you leave the park.

Promotion and sales
Promoting or selling services and/or articles in the parking lot, at the entrance, on the forecourt and in the park, or making professional photo and video recordings, is not permitted without written permission from the park management.
Making public announcements, such as demonstrating, propagating (religious) beliefs, handing out flyers or using the park for promotion for any purpose whatsoever, is not permitted.
Hòfi Mango has the right to decide what constitutes abuse in this context.

Hospitality (Horeca)
The rules for the alcohol law apply within the park. Alcohol is not sold in the park to persons under the age of 18. Anyone to whom alcohol is served must be able to identify themselves.
It is not allowed to consume your own food in the park,
Picnicking, BBQing, bringing your own chairs, etc. is not allowed,

Personal data
Personal data of visitors are processed in accordance with the applicable guidelines.
Hòfi Mango is entitled to use video surveillance to monitor proper compliance with our park rules and to identify violations. Visitors agree that video recordings can be made, which will only be used internally, except in the case of a violation. In that case, we share images with the investigative services and/or our insurer.
You may be photographed or filmed during your visit or events in our park. If you don’t want to be in the picture, avoid the locations where you see a film crew and/or professional photographer at work.
In the case of an event, photos can be taken of the participants of this event, which can be used for our website and/or social media. We assume that this falls within our legitimate marketing interest, taking into account the privacy of those involved.

Applicable law and competent court

Curaçao law applies to this agreement. All disputes in connection with the agreement will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Curaçao.