The hidden pearl of the carribean

The island of Curaçao holds something special far beyond the smiling locals, beautiful culture, and spectacular nature & beaches. Like Bali, Tulum, Sedona, Curaçao is Caribbean’s top wellness epic center for spirituality and self-development, that draws people interested in healing, health, wellness, nature, yoga, meditation, consciousness, and transformation. Once you visit Curaçao, you will feel the beautiful energy and power of the island, especially at Hofi Mango.


Hofi Mango is a natural park with several beautiful gardens, where you will discover the mysteries of the island. Curaçao is known for being the epic center for ‘Vortex Energy’ in the Caribbean. Some of the Hofi Mango swirling and vibrating plants reflect the powerful vortex energy located in Curaçao, creating pulling portals that will enhance your consciousness. This energy helps you connect deeper within yourself. As you walk in the gorgeous park, you will go through a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection as you feel the breeze on your skin and smell the aroma of hundreds of mango trees that surround you.